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English | Complete Grammar MCQ

Choose the correct option. 1. If there is no water then we will die. a. Unless there is water, we will not die. b. Unless there is...

English | Grammar | No Sooner Than….Hardly When MCQ questions

As Soon as.......... 1. As soon as they are called they come. a. No sooner did they call than they come. b. No sooner do they call...

English | Degree of Comparison MCQ

1. It is one of the greatest results. a. No other result is as great as it is. b. Very few result is as great as...

English | Change the Voice MCQ

Change The Voice Choose the correct voice 1. I have been invited. (Begin with he)     a. He invited me.     b. He has invited me.     c. He...

English | Indirect Speech | MCQ Worksheet

Indirect speech MCQ practice sheet 1. The old man said, "I am proud of my achievement." a. The old man said that he is proud of...

Improve your English set 3

Thought of the day   We learn more from failure than from success Today's new words Philanthropist- one who loves mankind and works for human welfare monotheist - one...

Improve Your English set 2

Today's inspiring thought Focus on your career because in the end, people don't see your heart, they see your success Todays New words adapt- adjust adept- skillful adopt- accept accept-...

English | Grammar Test

Click On the following Image to attend English Grammar Online Test  

English | Statement of Purpose

You are so much interested in fashion designing. You have also participated in the various competition and have shown your talent. Draft a statement...

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