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English | Change the Voice MCQ

Change The Voice Choose the correct voice 1. I have been invited. (Begin with he)     a. He invited me.     b. He has invited me.     c. He has been invited.     d. He has been invite. 2. They are blaming me. (Change The Voice)    ...

English | Indirect Speech | MCQ Worksheet

Indirect speech MCQ practice sheet 1. The old man said, "I am proud of my achievement." a. The old man said that he is proud of his achievement. b.  The old man said that he was proud of his achievement. c.  The old...

English | Grammar Test

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English | Statement of Purpose

You are so much interested in fashion designing. You have also participated in the various competition and have shown your talent. Draft a statement of purpose that will help you to get admission for the course in fashion designing...

Spot the errors, correct the incorrect

Q.1 Correct the incorrect or spot the errors. 1. Your scissor is sharp. 2. He ran a 1000 meters race. 3. This road is closed for repair. 4. He gave me five thousands rupees. 5. The cattles are grazing here. 6. A ten men committee...

English | Correct The Sentences | Test 1

1. She is ill for two days. 2. What is the cost of this watch? 3. Whom he expected yesterday? 4. I was there for two hours. 5. I always tell him truth. 6. I will tell when i will get time. 7. My uncle...

Common Mistakes in English Writing and Speaking

I like to listen him everyday I like to listen to him everyday He likes dance He likes dancing They are my family members They are the members of my family He is more taller than my friend. He is much taller...

Improve Your Grammar: Objective Grammar

Improve Your Grammar: Objective Grammar He said, " I tackled this situation last year." 1) He said he had tackled that situation last year 2)He said that he had tackled that situation the previous year 3) He said that he tackled that...

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