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Std.12 | English | Test on poems and correct the incorrect

  Unit Test Std 12 English Poems MCQ and Correct the incorrect 1. In 'Song of The Open Road' The road refers to _________________ 2. Here delicious burdens...

The Inchcape Rock- Activity worksheet

A 1) Global Understanding State true or false  Sir Ralph laughed heartily after cutting the bell with bliss. Sir Ralph appreciated the Abbot for his...

Std.12 | Test Paper

1. The season mentioned her is ________________ (The Inchape Rock) 2. Her sails from heaven received no motion.     Here the word 'her' is used...

Useful quotations for Personal Response Questions

Here are some immortal thoughts In adversity a man is saved by hope youth is a blunder, manhood is a struggle as old age...

Std.12 | English | Class test

1. 'The song of the poem' is written by ________________ 2. The first poem is ___________ (Typical / free verse) poem. 3. The first poem is...

She walks into beauty – Activity sheet

A1) Global Understanding Write an adjective for the following  Smile Her mind sky clime A2)Interpretation / Inference question complete the following sentence  Her love is... The colour of her hair is compared to...

English | Prepositional Phrases

IN ON AT BY • in hand  • on the air  • at a standstill  • by hand • in good faith  • on average  • at liberty  • by chance  • in general • on remand  •...

English | Phrases for Agreeing

I suppose so. I agree 100% That's exactly what I think. I was just going to say that. You have a point there. ...

Better Synonyms For Beautiful

Beautiful stunning   ideal  radiant   beauteous  attractive  excellent  breath-taking  superb  appealing delightful  ravishing jaw-dropping  dazzling  divine  desirable   pleasing  pretty  elegant  enticing enchanting  gorgeous   slightly  wonderful  alluring magnificent  splendid  lovely glowing  fetching   tasteful  captivating  exquisite  angelic  tempting  classy  bewitching beautiful  pleasant  mesmerizing becoming  enthralling  magnetic  striking  impressive

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