Book Review writing , Useful for students class 10 and 12 th

Here is book review of famous book of Sane Guruji , shyamchi aai


Book Review Writing 

Write a review of the book which you have recently read in about 100 or 150 words. use the following points

1. Title or name of the book
2. author of the book with his background
3. theme or topic of the book
4. the style of language
5. The core message of the book      

Shyamchi Aai- Book Review

About the book: This is one of the most favourite books of the people of Maharashtra, especially of students. Undoubtedly this book is one of the most selling books and always grabs a sentimental place in the hearts of the readers. Today also people prefer this book to gift school kids and students.

Author of the book with his background: This book is written by Pandurang Sadashiv Sane popular known as Sane Guruji means respected teacher, was a Marathi author, teacher, social activist, and freedom fighter. He is also referred to as a great teacher.

Theme or Topic of the Book: This book is a depiction of the Konkan rural lifestyle and an intimate relationship between a mother and son. This is not an imaginary book as it is about the author’s childhood in Palgad village in Konkan which is still a beautiful place. For Shyam, his mother is more than God. He attributes all his dignity to her.

Style and language: The language used by Sane Guruji in his book is very lucid and heart-touching. The readers’ heartbeats run with the story and its proceedings. The narrator narrates all the incidents in such a way that the readers experience firsthand in front of their eyes.

Core Message of the book: The content of the book is no less than any religious book, it gives a message of humanity and love. This book highlights the eternal love of the mother which is without parallel.



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