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Idioms related to Organs to improve English writing

Here is a list of some useful organ-related idioms to improve English

  1. To lose one’s head: to lose temper

    Please don’t trouble me or I may lose my head 
  2. To get hands dirty: To become involved in an unfair matter

    I think this is illegal, I do not want to make my hands dirty 
  3. Blood is thicker than water: Blood relations take precedence over others 
  4. to be no chicken: to be no longer younger
    Keep in mind, you are no longer a chicken 
  5. With eyes and ears: be attentive
    Your attention please, please listen to me with all your eyes and ears 
  6. Keep an eye on: watch to protect 
    The police have to keep an eye on the rascals on the roads to protect the innocent 
  7. To pull someone’s leg: to trouble or to harass
    Please don’t try to pull my legs, it is really bad on your part 
  8. to lend a hand: to help someone
    I remember in my bad days, some people lent their hand to me 
  9. To roll one’s eyes: to show little interest
    Why are you rolling your eyes? please listen carefully 
  10. TO have butterflies in my stomach: to get upset
    whenever I have to speak in public, I have butterflies in my stomach 
  11. to seal the lips: not to disclose the reality or any matter
    Believe me, I will seal my lips about this matter 
  12. To face the music: to get scolding
    If I tell this my parents, I have to face the music 
  13. Flesh and blood: relations
    It is a matter of flesh and blood 
  14. Mutton-headed: moron, foolish
    Don’t ask him about it, he is mutton headed 
  15. On your toes: be alert
    We should be always on our toes to face the difficulties


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