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The Inchcape Rock- Activity worksheet

A 1) Global Understanding

State true or false

  1.  Sir Ralph laughed heartily after cutting the bell with bliss.
  2. Sir Ralph appreciated the Abbot for his generosity 
  3. Sir Ralph repented while dying
  4. We find this poem without rhymeA 2) Explain the state of mind of Sir Ralph while dying

    Ans:  While dying , Sir Ralph repented of his action . He felt sorry for his own deeds. Actually he realized his evil deed. He was filled with remorse what he had done  with the bell. He assumed that the devil was ringing the bell inviting him to tolerate his own sinful act. 
         In short, while dying , sir Ralph repented a lot recalling his evil action.A3) Jealousy invites crime for us. Do you agree? justify your answer

    Ans: It is very true that jealousy enables us to commit crime. Jealousy is one of the worst qualities. It is the hometown of many evil qualities. When we have jealousy, we have hatred for others. Our attitude gets corrupted. It changes our approach towards others. 
             Jealousy spoils out natural demeanor. 

    A4) Write an example of onomatopoeia and Antithesis from the poem.

    A5) Compose four lines on ‘ Sea life ‘

                                       Sea Life

                Sea life teaches us lesson of co ordination 
                All the marine creatures have intimate association 

                Sea life makes my feelings enchanted 
                Our encroachment in sea life should be limited



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