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Std.12 | English | Test on poems and correct the incorrect


Unit Test Std 12 English

Poems MCQ and Correct the incorrect

1. In ‘Song of The Open Road’ The road refers to _________________
2. Here delicious burdens refer to _____________________
3. In Indian Weavers, the bird mentioned in t   second stanza is __________________
4. The white colour is compared to _______________________
5. The rhyme scheme of all stanzas in ‘The Inchape Rock’ is _________________
6. Sir Ralph was returning to __________________ shore.
7. ____________was ringing his knell.
8. The poet of ‘Have you earned your tomorrow’ is ______________
9. The season mentioned in poem 5 is __________________
10. The musical instrument mentioned in poem ‘Money’ is _________________

Answer Key
1. Mobility / Life
2. Relations
3. Peacock
4. Feather or cloud
5. aa bb
6. Scotland
7. Devil
8. Edger Guest
9. Monsoon or rainy season
10. Trumpet

Q 2 Correct the incorrect

  1. I will call him when he will arrive
  2. As soon as he will call me, I will go
  3. He mentioned that life was full of challenges.
  4. If something will happen, I will blame you
  5. If I was there, I would tackle it
  6. I wish he was here
  7. That day I was sad for a long time
  8. It effected me negatively.
  9. They call me regularly.
  10. He is good in Maths.


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