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Common Mistakes In English Writing and Speaking


Here are some common mistakes by new learners in English writing and speaking

1.     How do we call it?
Ans: What do we call it?

2.     How are you this week?
Ans: How have you been this week?

3.     I know him good.
Ans: I know him well.

4.     I study in UK.
Ans: I study in the UK.

5.     His temperature went down.
Ans: His temperature came down.

6.     I like the green colour.
Ans: I like green.

7.     What is your weight?
Ans: How much do you weigh?

8.     I felt so lonely.
Ans: I felt very lonely.

9.     She is married with a doctor.
Ans: She married a doctor.

10.   She doesn’t listen me.
Ans: She doesn’t listen to me.

11.   We met 3 years before.
Ans: We met 3 years ago.

12.   I am going to home.
Ans: I am going home.

13.   I am agree with you.
Ans: I agree with you.

14.   You speak good English.
Ans: You speak English Well.

15.   She gave me book.
Ans: She gave me a book.

16.   I came by Vande Matram.
Ans: I came by the Vande Matram.

17.   She sings sweet.
Ans: She sings sweetly.

18.   Don’t go in the sun.
Ans: Don’t go out in the sun.

19    I am from Moscow City.
Ans: I am from Moscow.

20.   I think I did a mistake.
Ans: I think I made a mistake.

21.   Where I can find a shop?
Ans: Where can I find a shop?

22.   They did homework themself.
Ans: They did homework themselves.

23.   I and Rahul went there.
Ans: Rahul and I went there.

24.   Water boil at 100°C.
Ans: Water boils at 100°C.

25.   I have a good news for you.
Ans: I have good news for you.

26.   There is no place in the hall.
Ans: There is no room in the hall.

27.    I am going to the bed now.
Ans:  I am going to bed now.

28.    My watch doesn’t move at all.
Ans:  My watch isn’t running at all.

29.    Where is the Capital of Japan?
Ans:  What is the Capital of Japan?

30.    I will cut my hair today.
Ans:  I will have my hair cut today.


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