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Synthesis – Simple, compound, complex

Simple to Compound

  1. They reacted angrily due to the delay in work
  2. Being lazy, he will suffer
  3. Despite the richness, he is not satisfied
  4. By driving fast, you will go to the hospital
  5. By eating a lot, you will invite more diseases
  6. Work hard to get success
  7. By watching reels, you will waste your time
  8. Having a headache, I couldn’t continue my work
  9. I am working hard to achieve success
  10. In addition to two cars, he has many bikes
  11. In addition to two flats, he has a bungalow
  12. Besides the state board syllabus, you have to study Foundation
  13. I am informed about his crime.
  14. Seeing the snake, he ran away 
  15. He will certainly pass his CA exam.

    Complex To Compound
  16. As soon as father came, he picked up the book
  17. I know why he is crying
  18. Though he got 98 %, he is not satisfied
  19. Although he has bad friends, he possesses good manners.
  20. I am sure that talkative students don’t have value in the class
  21. In my opinion, Talkers are no doers
  22. If you do laziness, you will become a beggar
  23. Unless he finishes his work, he is not satisfied
  24. I know why he is upset
  25. I m happy that my friend passed this exam
  26. He suffered because he did laziness in 12 the std.
  27. He couldn’t pass the exam as he was in bad company
  28. They didn’t continue their work since they were tired 
  29. If the students stop excessive use of mobile, they will be successful
  30. Though he is adamant, he will not sufferMake it Complex
    Subordinators – all wh-words, if, unless, though, although, because, as, till until, as….as, so….as, then, so…that, such…that, so that, as, since, as soon as, no sooner…than, hardly…when, as if, thatSet ASimple TO Complex


  31. I know about your problem
  32. I do not know the reason for his death
  33. Some students come to class to study for a career
  34. I saw some birds flying in the garden.
  35. We eat to live
  36. Some students attend my class to improve their English
  37. Seeing some students talking to friends, I was angry
  38. He is absent due to illness
  39. Being lazy, he will suffer
  40. Being late, you will be dismissed
  41. Having a headache, he didn’t come to class
  42. He behaved like a king
  43. He dances like Prabhu Deva
  44. On account of his poverty, he is facing some problems.
  45. I know the arrival time of the train
  46. Jadhav sir never gets angry with the students ( condition apply)
  47. You can go anywhere
  48. I know your address. 
  49. I like comedy movies by heart
  50. By drinking wine, you will spoil your health
  51. By living in bad company, you will spoil your wonderful life
  52. I know the reason for your giggling.
  53. I hate liars.
  54. After seeing Darshan sir, all shouted happily.
  55. Swapnil sir is always in a cheerful mood.
  56. Despite fair color, he applies Lakme.
  57. Despite having ten sweets, he wants more
  58. I am too kind to get angry with my students.
  59. Manvi is too silent to speak a single word in class
  60. The music is too hilarious for Chotu to control his dance
    Compound to Complex
  61. Work hard and you will get success
  62. He has a great wealth but he is not satisfied
  63. He scored out of out mark yet he is not contented
  64. I told him the fact but he didnt believe
  65. Darpan will become a great businessman and I am sure about it
  66. Om told a serious story but no one believed.
  67. Pushkar should read newspapers or he won’t develop practical knowledge.
  68. He will achieve his target and I assure you.
  69. I believe in you for you have great talent.
  70. Sejal was crying for she lost her books.
  71. Some people don’t waste time therefore they are successful
  72. My students are ambitious so they are away from low-ambitious friends.
  73.  I respect my seniors therefore they take care of me.
  74. Life is beautiful yet some people don’t enjoy it
  75. Bad friends spoil our life and I know about it.
  76. I committed some mistakes and I am sorry for it
    Make It SimpleSet A Complex to Simple
  77. If you work hard, you will pass the exam
  78. Unless there is water, we will die
  79. If you run fast, you will be  the winner
  80. Though he is lazy, he will manage.
  81. Although he is honest, he will not help us
  82. I know why he failed
  83. I don’t know why he is late
  84. I am sure that they will come
  85. I am so happy that I can’t express
  86. We were so serious that we didn’t digest the joke
  87. He behaved like our son in law
  88. unless he drinks sprite, he doesn’t dance
  89. We don’t know where he lives
  90. We solved the doubts which were complicated
  91. I saw some students who were drinking coffee on Bagyanagar road
  92. No one knows why he behaves strangely
  93. Where there is life, there is hope
  94. He gave me money whatever he possessed
  95. It is the place where he died
  96. It is the place where we meet
  97. When we saw the train approaching, we were joyous
  98. I am sure that he will pass
  99. A life that is without aim is like a body without a heart
  100. When BCA is here, why fear


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