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Most Common Mistake In English Writing and Communication

Common Mistakes – Find out the errors

  1. I felt so lonely that time
  2. He doesn’t know to swim
  3. Dont go in the sun
  4. I Know him too well
  5. He is yet at home
  6. I shall of course do it.
  7. I am from Pune city
  8. I want to speak English freely.
  9. I think I did a mistake
  10. I am here for the last three days.
  11. My sister is three years elder than me.
  12. Distribute this sweet among the two.
  13. Go to north for better living.
  14. Our flight arrived in Mumbai.
  15. Every boy should bring their bike.
  16. DO you play Piano?
  17. Listening to the music is very relaxing.
  18. I don’t like talkative students who spoils the class’s dignity.
  19. How you passed the exam?
  20. He is Salman Khan of our class. 
  21. My father had gone to Mumbai yesterday
  22. She is waiting for you for two hours
  23. The murderer was hung in the jail
  24. The bus passed away when  I was sleeping under a tree.
  25. The sun rose before I woke up
  26. The teacher told that he could go home
  27. He called me as a fool
  28. We made him as our captain
  29. My uncle lives in the upstairs
  30. Honey is too sweet


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