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Std.12 | English Board Exam 2023 Model Answers, Expected answers

Q.1   Seen Prose

A1.   The correct statements are –

b.     The writer wished to run away from IIT and even Mumbai.

d.     The writer could overcome his feelings of depression with his own

A2.   The causes are
1.     terrible pronunciation     
2.     Intellectual Campus 
3.     Weak vocabulary 
4.     Poor English Communication

other reasonable answers will be justified

        Negative Qualities                      
1.     Depression                           
2.     Lack of confidence   

positive qualities

1. strong self-esteem
2 determination             

        (Other appropriate answers will be justified) 

A4.   A reasonable answer will be considered 

A5.   1.  c.  Though I was quite happy, enjoyment was short-lived.
        2.  b.  How humiliated and upset I felt!

A6.        A                            B
        Diffident                 Confident 
        Humiliated               Exhilarated 
        Arrogant                  Humble
        Inferiority                 Superiority

B1.   1. a.  This agreement has been signed in haste by both partners.

        2. a.  I asked my sister what I could do for her in that matter.

        3. c.  No sooner did he leave the house than he met with an accident.

B2.   She has been working in this office since 1996.



1)      Without natural immunity, there will be exposure to diseases inviting

2)      There is a little access to a large section of the Indian population,
there is a
 lack of infrastructure facilities and adequate health care.

          (appropriate language will be justified) 
          (Answer language will be varied)

A3.     An adequate answer will be justified.

A4.     A reasonable answer will be considered

A5. i.  d)  Govt. of India has encouraged………………    

          f)  This will make it difficult…………..


A6.     1.  Growing immensely ………………booming.

          2.  Threat ……………..hazard.

          3.  Obtaining ……………. acquiring.
          4.  Able to ………………….. accessible.

B)       Summary.
          Format      –  1/2 Mark
          Title          –  1 Mark
          Content     –  1 Mark
          Language   –  1/2 Mark
c)       Content          –  1 Mark
          Language       –  1 Mark
          Presentation   –  1 Mark


A1.     C___b_____a______d

A2.     Reasons.
1.       Strong wind
2.       Lack of bell
3.       Drifting the ship
4.       Collision
          (Reasonable answers will be acceped)

A3.     Bonus   Mark 2
A4.     Bonus   Mark 2
A5.     Bonus   Mark 2

         Reasonable answer will be justified.

Q.4    Writing skill (All A  B  C  D) 
         Format        – 1 Mark
         Language    –  1 Mark
         Presentation – 1 Mark
         Content       – 1 Mar

i.        Oroenoku                                      Aphere Behn
          The Heart of Darkness            –      Aphere Behu
          Frankenstein                         –       May shelly  
          The pilgrim progress             –     John Vynyay

2.       a. Novels with elements of horror, blood shed and mystery are called Gothic

          b. The German word bildungroman indicates growth.

          c. There are six essential elements of novel.

          d. Struggle between the opposite forces in the story is called Conflict.

Q 5

B  C   D

Reasonable answers will be justified as in subjective questions examiners prospective varies but reasonable answers will be considered


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