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Std.12 | Important Grammar questions from exam point of view


Here are some important grammar practice examples, important from the exam point of view

1.    The power of his eyes was considerably enhanced. (Use noun form)
Ans: There was a considerable enhancement in the power of his eyes.

2.    He had a working analysis of mankind’s troubles. (Use verb form)
Ans: He worked on the analysis of mankind’s troubles.

3.    He knew what was going to happen to himself. (Use verb form)
Ans: He knew what was happening to himself.

4.    If you find my answers satisfactory, give me five rupees.
(Use Noun form)

Ans: If you find satisfaction in my answers, give me five rupees.

5.    It was a bewildering crisscross of light rays. (Use verb form)
Ans: The crisscross of light rays bewildered.

6.    You tried to kill him. (Use gerund)
Ans: You tried killing him.

7.    I will prepare some nice stuff for her. (Use noun form)
Ans: I will make preparation of some nice stuff.

8.    The other groaned on hearing it. (Verb form)
Ans: The other heard and groaned it.

9.     Collocation:
A collocation is a combination of words in a language that often go together.
For ex.
a. Broad daylight
b. Big bull
c. Strong tea
d. Fast train
e. Free meal
f.  Wild animal

10.  The policeman refused  (Make it negative)
Ans: The policeman didn’t accept.

11.  Soapy drifted along twice as unsuccessful. (Make it negative)
Ans: Soapy drifted along twice not successful

12.   Soapy stopped his unavailing racket. (Negative)
Ans: Soapy didn’t continue his racket.

13.   The island seemed very for a way.
Ans: The island didn’t seem to be near at all.

14.   The island seemed like an unattainable arcade.
Ans:  The island didn’t seem an attainable Arcadia.

15.    Men who smash windows do not remain to chat with the police.

Ans:  Men smashing windows avoid chatting with the police.

16.    There was a restaurant of no great pretensions. (Affirmative)
Ans:  There was a restaurant having little pretension.

17.    They seemed to regard him as a king who could do no wrong
Ans:  They seemed to regard him as a king who could do right.

18.    Some other ways of entering the jail must be demised. (Use infinitive)
Ans:  Some other ways to enter the jail must be demised.

19.    They should call the cop. (Make it a rhetorical question)
Ans:  Shouldn’t they call the cop?

20.    On entering, he kept the box. (Use verb form)
Ans:  When he entered, he kept the box.

21.    If they don’t respect me, I will feel bad. (Unless)
Ans:  Unless they respect me, I will feel bad.

22.    As they entered, I was shocked. (Hardly………When)
Ans:  Hardly had, they entered when I was shocked.

23.    There is a social practice much more active and much sacred than any law.
(Use not only but also)
Ans:   There is a social practice not only much active but also much sacred
than any laws.

24.     You will meet an unexpected event. (use modal showing possibility)
Ans:   You may meet an unexpected event.

25.     Advertisers are one of the biggest players in Big Data. (Degree)
Ans:   Advertisers are bigger than many other players in Big Data.
Ans:   Very few players in Big Data are as big as advertisers.

26.     They provide the greatest data about people. (Degree)
Ans:   They provide greater data about people than any other services

27.     Whatever activity we do online is recorded, monitored, and analysed.
(Use as well as / either……or)
Ans:   Whatever activity we do online is recorded, and monitored as well as
Ans:   Whatever activity we do online is either recorded,monitored or

28.     Weather sensors and satellites help us to understand the weather
          and help in weather forecasting. (as well as / either….or)
Ans:  Weather sensors and satellites help us to understand the weather as
well as help in weather forecasting.
Ans:  Weather sensors and satellites help us either to understand the weather or help in weather forecasting.

29.    Big Data helps in monitoring the outbreaks of epidemics and diseases.
          (as well as / Not only but also / either …..or)
Ans:  Big Data helps in monitoring the outbreaks of epidemics as well as
Ans: Big Data helps in monitoring  not only the outbreaks of epidemics but
also disease.
Ans:  Big Data helps in monitoring  either the outbreaks of epidemics or

30.    They help me with my trouble. (Make it interrogative)
Ans:  Don’t they help me in my trouble?

31.    I will sing tonight. (Make it less certain)
Ans:  I may / might sing tonight.

32.    You should put on a uniform. (Use model showing ability)
Ans:  You can put on a uniform.

33.    He may study properly.
(Use modal showing obligation/compulsory)
Ans:  He must study properly.

34.    I can follow it. (Frame sentence seeking permission)
Ans:  May / can I follow it?

35.    How interesting it is to be here!
Ans:  It is very interesting to be here.

36.    I always (tell / told / will tell) you about it.
Ans:  I always tell you about it.

37.    I can’t help but I will inform. (Use though)
Ans:  Though I can’t help, I will inform.

38.     Seeing the danger, he ran away. (Make it compound)
Ans:   He saw the danger and ran away.

39.     I know why he failed. (Make it simple)
Ans:   I know the reason for his failure.

40.     She cried for chocolates. (Make it compound)
Ans:   She wanted chocolates so she cried.

41.     “You have got a new dress”, he said.
Ans:   He said that he had got a new dress.

42.     They said, “Why have you  cheated them.?”
Ans:   They asked why he had cheated them.

43.     She said,”Have you informed them.?”
Ans:   She asked her if she had informed her.

44.     He looked at me seriously. (Frame What)
Ans:   How did he look at me?

45.     I have been blamed. (Begin with they)
Ans:   They have blamed me.

46.     She will be called to the party. (Begin with I)
Ans:   I will call her for the party.

47.     Umberzara is the haven for tigers, leopards, and sloth bears.
(Not only……….but also)
Ans:   Umberzara is heaven not only for the tigers,  leopards but also
sloth bears.

48.     I found a bright red soil trail. (change into past perfect)
Ans:   I had found a bright red soil.

49.     I went to England. I visited great places. (Use infinitive)
Ans:   I went to England to visit great places.

50.     State whether gerund or present participle.
Ans:   It is a swimming pool = present participle. (adjective)
Ans:   Begging is not allowed.  – Gerund Noun
Ans:   They are wandering tribes. =(Present participle (adj))

51.     Travelling is good for relieving stress. (Use infinitive)
Ans:   Travelling is good to relieve stress.

52.     I didn’t understand but I followed. (Remove but)
Ans:  Though I didn’t understand I followed.

53.    I decided that I should go there. (Remove that)
Ans:  I decided to go there.

54.    It was only my self-esteem which stopped me. (Remove which)
Ans:  Only my self-esteem stopped me.

55.    I saw a star. It was shining brightly. (Use which)
Ans:  I saw a star which was shining brightly.

56.    When I look back, I remember everything. (Remove when)
Ans:  Looking back, I remember everything.

57.    He is the teacher who has changed my attitude. (Remove who)
Ans:  This teacher has changed my attitude.

58.    I would follow it. (Use used to)
Ans:  I used to follow it.

59.    Why should I give up? (Assertive)
Ans:  I shouldn’t give up.

60.    My fear had vanished and I started feeling at home. (Use when)
Ans:  When my fear had vanished I started feeling at home.

61.    Young children wouldn’t watch violent scenes.
(Use modal showing advice)
Ans:  Young children shouldn’t watch violent scenes.

62.    Search his room and you will find the clue. (Make it complex)
Ans:  If you search his room you will find the clue.

63.    It is an useful gift. (spot the error)
Ans:  It is a useful gift.

64.    I brought the gifts and distributed between the five children.
Ans:  Between (X)
Ans:  Among (
) write a full sentence

65.    One could do his duty. (Spot the error)
Ans:  One could do one’s duty.

66.    They sat besides each other. (Spot the error)
Ans:  They sat beside each other.

67.    I am more senior than you.
Ans: I am senior to you.

68.    I know very well what is expected from me.
Ans:  I know very well what is expected of me.

69.    I am angry on you.
Ans:  I am angry with you.

70.  I prefer coffee than tea.
Ans:  I prefer coffee to tea.


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