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Useful Idioms and Phrases To Improve English Writing and Speaking

useful for students and new learners

Here are some useful and popular idioms and phrases to improve English writing and speaking, very useful for new learners

  1. To win laurels; To win fame
    Sachin has won laurels as a poet
  2. To turn a deaf ear: to neglect
    Nowadays many students turn a deaf ear to parents’ and teachers’ advice
  3. a bone of contention: a cause of quarrel
    This compound wall is the bone of contention between these two neighbors
  4. To move heaven and earth: to make all possible efforts
    He moved heaven and earth to get admission to the college
  5. Now and then: occasionally
    He drinks now and then so he is stable now
  6. a red letter day: a memorable day
    15th August is a red letter day in Indian history
  7. to smell a cat: to suspect
    To be honest, I smell a rat about your percentage in the school report
  8. a dead letter: no longer in practice
    The practice of the Sati system is a dead letter in India
  9. out of spirits: to be depressed
    He got fewer marks and now he is out of spirits
  10. To build castles in the air: to dream more than reality
    some people have a habit of building castles in the air
  11. all in all: everything
    In most families, the grandfather is all in all in taking important decisions
  12. The apple of one’s eye: loved
    Dont trouble him, he is the apple of his parents’ eye
  13. a cock and bull story: the false story
    Please don’t tell me a cock and bull story
  14. Better half: wife
    My better half is a very considerate lady
  15. like a fish out of water: in trouble
    When I went to Mumbai for the first time, I felt like a fish out of water
  16. Bad blood: enmity
    There is bad blood between India and Pakistan for Kashmir
  17. Blue blood: belonging to the royal family
    He has a graceful nature as he has blue blood
  18. to throw cold water: to discourage
    Please don’t throw cold water on our new ideas
  19. Mutton-headed: foolish
    Don’t listen to him, he is mutton headed
  20. a black sheep: a disrespectful person
    We hate him, he is a black sheep in our society
  21. Once in a blue moon: rarely
    He comes to Nanded once in a blue moon
  22. a cat nap: a short sleep
    I am going to have a cat nap
  23. chicken-hearted: coward 
    He will not  go to that house, he is chicken-hearted
  24. butter hearted: very emotional
    please don’t trouble him, he is butter hearted
  25. stone hearted: strong-willed emotionless
    He will not cry , he is stone hearted
  26. a rat race: fierce competition
    Today in every field there is a rat race
  27. a wild goose chase: useless effort
    If you want to compete with Bill Gates, it is a wild goose chase
  28. Mad as a hornet: very angry
    Dont trouble him, he is mad as a hornet
  29. Let sleeping dogs lie: Leave it alone or in peace
    Don’t make noise, let sleeping dogs lie or else we will be in danger
  30. Hen pecked husband: one who is in the supremacy of better half
    He won’t do anything without asking her, he is a hen-pecked husband


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