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Summary of All Lessons Std 12 English

Here is a summary of all lessons, useful for students for quick revision

An Astrologer’s Day
The astrologer mentioned she sits on the road leading to the town hall. His appearance was perfect for his profession. He had dozen cowrie shells, observe mystic chart a notebook, and all which needed for an astrologer.
He put on Saffron colored turban, sacred ash, and vermilion on for head. He had confidence in his eyes and he had the skill to attract customers.
He was surrounded by many small traders and businessmen. It was nighttime, there were no municipality lights. Everyone was making their provision. The astrologer was taking benefit from others’ light.
He was perfect at face reading. He knew that human sorrow moves around money, marriage, and tangles of relation. He would listen to the clients carefully and understand their problems. He would charge three pies per question. He had the same questioning and answering for all.
One day as he was about to leave / for his home, a saw a client for whom he demanded five hundred rupees to satisfy his problems. At last, they agreed on eight anas. As the client lit a big cigar like a chariot, the astrologer was upset to see his face in that light. He decided to leave the place but the client didn’t agree.
The clients forced him to answer his questions by treating to take all his money.
The astrologer had no option but to accept it. The astrologer told him that he (the client)  was searching for someone as someone punished him (the client) into a well. The client was shocked to listen because the astrologer grassed correct about him.
The client curiously asked the astrologer where he could get him (which means who pushed him into the well). The astrologer replied it would be in the next birth. The astrologer called him by his name Guru Nanak The client was simply shocked. The astrologer himself was the man who pushed him (the client) into the well and ran away here and became an astrologer to hide his identity.
The client was happy at his knowledge and happily went away giving money to the astrologer’s wife later the astrologer told his wife about it.

Questions and Answers:
1. How did the astrologer’s appearance attract the customers?
Ans: The astrologer’s appearance was perfect for his profession. There was a turban on his head, he put sacred ash and vermilion on his forehead. He had dark whiskers covering his face. There was a sparkle in his eye with magnetic attraction.
2. Why was the astrologer frightened to see the face of the client in the light of the cherriot?
3. Mention the surrounding business of the astrologer.
4. How did the client treat him when the astrologer refused to deal with him? 
5. What did the astrologer tell the client about his past?
6. Why was the client surprised?
7. What did the astrologer tell his wife?
8. Why would the customer attract to the astrologer?
9. What did the astrologer know about human psychology?
10. List the names of articles used by an astrologer for his profession.

On Saying Please 
      In a certain city officials, the young lift man threw a passenger out of the lift because he said just ‘Top’ whereas the lift man expected the passenger should say ‘Top please’ for that the liftman was fired for the offence. 
    There is a legal action for physical assault but not against any discourtesy or bad manners.
      A person can forget physical assault but never tolerates discourtesy.
 Self-respect can’t be made a compromise. When self-respect is troubled, the person feels humiliation.
When sir Absolute threatened captain Absolute, Captain Absolute insulted Fag. Thereupon Fag went down and kicked the servant. In this way infection carries on. There are many wives in the world who tolerate injustice or violence done by their husband.

         Law never forces us to use manners. It is our choice to use them. Here the writer talks about conductors most of the conductors regards the passengers in negative manner. Once the writer forgot his wallet while travelling on a bus. He expected that the conductor would drive him out of the bus but the conductor was very kind to him. He allowed him to remain there and gave him ticket. He remembered the conductor kindness.
    Once the writer was travelling on a bus where his toe was crushed by one passenger with his boot before the writer could say anything the person expressed apology
    The writer found that person very cheerful using good manners to everyone. He was very polite to everyone whom he met. He would help all with a pleasant smile on face. Keats say, “Nothing clears up my spirit like a fine day.” In the same way a cheerful person showers happiness everywhere. William Wordsworth got inspired by a leech gatherer’s pleasant appearance. Bad manners are infectious, even though good manner also. Lastly Chesterfield’s example was given who gave way to his fellow man.

The Cop And The Anthem

Soapy was a vagabond and a person with criminal background. It was winter and he decided to go to prison to get shelter from severe winter. Now he had to do some crime to go to prison.

First Crime:
He decided to go to restaurant. He planned the list of menu to be enjoyed there. He just wanted to enter but unfortunately he was driven out of the door. His first attempt failed.

Second Crime:
There was a shop having glass windows. He took a stone and dashed through the glass. The police man came fast and asked Soapy about it.

Third Crime:
Now this time he got a chance to enter a restaurant. He enjoyed stomach full  food in the restaurant. When bill was asked ,he demanded the waiter to call for the cop. The waiter instead beat him and threw on the pavement.

Fourth Crime:
Suddenly he saw a policeman. He decided to make noise or disorderly conduct in front of him. He made it but the policeman neglected him telling that they were given order not to catch the celebration makers.

Fifth attempt:
In a cigar store, he saw a man who kept umbrella at the door. He picked up the umbrella when the umbrella owner asked him about the theft, he told him to call the theft, he told him to call the police but the man moved back saying sorry as he himself stole the umbrella.

Climax: Tired of all attempts.
He was moving by a church depressed, upset, sad and 
Suddenly he heard soft music of organist from the church.
The music made him thoughtful. He recalled his past life. He felt sorry for today’s condition. He decided to start a new life, At once the police came and arrested him for moving for the purpose of theft in that area.

1.4 Big Date, Big Insights
Nowadays everything is computerized. Big data means great storage and everything has changed 360 degree.
It has brought the world at one platform. Social media has changed the pattern of life.

Uses of Big Data:
1) Location Tracking:
     With the help of GPS and Google maps distance has been accessible. We come to know the condition of traffic, road or congestion.
     Logistic companies are using it for their companies.

2) Weather Pattern:
     Weather sensors and satellite have made weather pattern very friendly. We have prior warning of flood earthquakes tsunami etc. Global warming and natural resources are studied.

Health Care Industry: With the help of apps, we can monitor many diseases. Past record of patient with the help of data helps the doctor for diagnosis. Epidemics of certain area are detected and managed due to data.

Banking, Finance, Trading:
     Banking sector is completely revolutionized. Fraud and cyber crime is detected. It helps to manage missed transactions and failures in net banking. It can predict possible spikes on servers so that banks can manage transactions accordingly. The SEC is using Big Data monitor financial markets. High Frequency Trading finds a list of use today.

      With the help of Big Data, record of sports persons can be managed. Team performance can be analyzed. Sensors help us to understand the field conditions, the performance.

       With the help of social media advertising has become easy. All this data is collected by Facebook algorithms using Big Data analysis techniques.

Entertainment Media:
     We are showing different recommendations by using our search engine.Netflix and YouTube use it dominantly.

Education Industry:
         Students’ record, their study pattern, their proportion. Study material can be managed including their choice of career.

The New Dress

Mabel put on a yellow dress for Mrs.Dallowy’s part. She has a very negative thinking that her dress was not proper.
Actually no was thinking about her dress but she unncessary thought that all were pointing towards her dress. She was in utter depression. When Mrs.Barnet, Mrs.Dallowy’s maid, instructed her to drawing room, she felt bad thinking that there might be problem in her dressing, that’s why she instructed her to go to drawing room.
When she got invitation, she searched a lot for the dress, went through many books, lastly choose of her own  choice.
     In party, when Rose show appreciated her dress. She thought that she was making fun of her. She thought that her condition was like a fly moving on the edge so that it shouldn’t fall in milk.
She thought that she was fly and she considered others as dragon flies butterflies and beautiful insects. In meantime miss Milan, her dressmaker was remembered. She remembered about her room which was dirty.
Later on Mabel thought that miss Milan was better than anyone else. She was kind to her. In the party, she thought that all were throwing spears on her. After sometime she felt that the fly dropped in milk comparing herself a fly.
She expected that Charles, a very handsome person, should appreciate her beauty. When Charles really appreciated her, she couldn’t believe thought that he was making fun of her.
Then Mrs.Holmes, a talkative lady, started to talk on her family issues. As Mabel was busy in her thoughts, Mrs.Holmes was just talking about her children and family and especially of her injured children.
Actually her dreams were great before marriage, she wanted to live a luxurious life but she had to marry a middle class man. Lastly she thought that her home was the best in the world, she decided to go to home and enjoy the family moments and left the part early.

Into The Wild

Part I – Lost In The Jungle

   It is about a thrilling experience by Kiran Purandare who was completely lost in the jungles of umbrazara.
At evening, the writer after spending eight hours in to forest , started to go to Pitezari. He was alone in the forest, suddenly he heard the alarm call of the langurs which indicated that there might be a predator nearby, may be a leopard.
The writer was a bit frightened. He started to move fast. He met a person, Raju on the way. He felt relax after some time, they separated. Now the writer was alone. He lost the way. So he was frightened. He was full of great. He was confused where to go. He expected that there might be sloth bear.
After great confusion, he found the way to a village. He was happy, felt that still we can lose ourselves in forests.

 Part 2: Tracking The Panther of Nagarhole

    Shaaz Jung is wildlife photographer, cinematographer, big cat tracker all rolled into one. Once moving in forest he saw two leopards fighting for their territory. One was old and the another was a young leopard.
    In that fight the young leopard was the winter who was named as scarface due to scars on his face and one who lost the battle was Pardus.
   He discovered ‘Saya’ leopard who was the world’s first black panther that brought a great fame for Shaaz Jung.
    Shaaz Jung worked as a mediator in human-animal conflict. He gave training to the people who love on the borders of jungle. He mentions that these animals are the means of livelihood for them as they invite tourists. Now the villagers try to protect the wild animals as they provide livelihood for them from the tourists

Why We Travel

Here the writer Pico Iyer narrates the reasons for his passion to travel.  We travel to enrich our knowledge and enjoy the riches of the world. There is difference between travel and travail. There is a difference between tourist and traveler.  A tourist is just someone who complains where as a traveler is one who grumbles we travel to satisfy our passion.
We carry values and beliefs to new places.

Vayaging Towards Excellence

This is an autobiographical sketch by well known writer Achyut Godbole. He belonged to middle class. When he was a child, his house was visited by great writers and musicians. That’s why be developed interest in music and literature. His favorite subjects were math and science. From 1st to IIT, he got out of out marks in mathematics. He developed problems solving attitude.
    He was topper (16th rank) in Maharashtra in std 10th. He got admission to IIT Mumbai. His English was poor so he developed inferiority complex. He felt quite lonely and depressed. One by one his seniors insulted him for his poor English.He decided to leave Mumbai but his self esteem stopped him. He started to learn and speak English. Within nine month. He became perfect in English.
    The life of IIT changed his attitude. His friends changed his approach. Later on he became CEO of many companies ,traveled in many countries , he visited 150 time abroad. He met many scholars.
  Life in Mumbai IIT brougth drastic changes in him. His friends enriched his knowledge. While running great companies the writer developed his skills. He wrote 34 books, most of them are best sellers. Many lives were changed due to his books. Many people are inspired.



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